Threaded Face and Neck Lift

When you read the title, you might be concerned because it sounds like major surgery. However, this is not the case. As a result, the facelift and thread neck lift procedure is one of the simplest and quickest procedures available. Specifically, for sagging skin caused by advanced skin age, as well as dry and sensitive […]

Cosmetic and laser medical advice at your 20th

Many 20-year-old girls do not make plans to keep their skin and hair in good condition. When I ask one of them about her care routine or the cosmetic procedures she has done in cosmetic clinics, she is surprised. The response at the time is ironic because it is still 20 years old and does […]

Filler and Botox

We were in time to half that the Filler and Botox only had cosmetic procedures. But now it is an integral part of one of the steps of the program for caring for skin and human beings. Fillers after being classified in the cosmetic pharmaceutical list are mostly bodies of food and medicine. Filler with […]